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Psychic Abuse is:

Judging yourself or another.
Resenting yourself or another.
Holding love back for any reason from yourself or another.
Wishing harm on yourself or another.
Being Jealous of yourself or another.
Gossip, Guilt Trips, Threats, Seduction, Mocking and Manipulation also come
Under the Psychic Abuse Flag!
These actions do great harm to ourselves, each other and the Universe.



What Is Psychic Abuse

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In Memory

this had me in tears!!
This is just so heartbreaking it took my breath away.
What an angel. This will have you in tears - but it is a must see.
If you have a heart, PLEASE take the time to watch this clip, and think about ways that you can take action to prevent child abuse.
If it doesn't work - copy the link onto your browser.
Please forward this to everyone you know - we must spread awareness to stop child abuse, our children need our protection.
Shaun McGorman

Angel Femia's Facebook profile

The link Below is A Mother who has and still is enduring hell for our Social Systems.
This type of hell happens in Canada and The United States.

Click To Enter: Speaking of the horrors of Child Abuse by denise jeter

"Child and Family Review Board"

click here to sign petition

To The Premier of Ontario
Honorable Dalton McGuinty
Our Children Need Protection From The Protectors

Jesse Wilson
Angel Femia
We are writing this letter in regards to all the Children's Aid Society's and the request from the ombudsman to be able to
investigate complaints against the Children's Aid society.

We find it absurd that the Children's Aid Society would put up such a fight not to have someone outside the agency seeing what is going on
when its for the safety of our children considering what happened in the Jeffrey Baldwin case and many others. Jeffery was starved to death
over a period of years, and the worker still has a good pay check, respectability and a solid position at the Children's Aid Society.

Because the Children's Aid Society is putting up such a fight not to have anyone outside the agency look in to any of the deadliest cases
makes us wonder how much of what there saying is true. In Jeffery's case we and many others believe that the Detective in
charge was denied the full content of information to proceed properly with the case in of itself. We believe that the Children's Aid Society workers on Jeffery's and many others cases should have had to face charges of neglecting their duties as official Children's Aid Society workers.

We believe that the Children's Aid Society should be held accountable for their part of their responsibility within the situation regarding
Jeffery's and others whom have died in their care.

It is true that if you have a complaint against the Children's Aid Society you have to go to your worker then the worker and supervisor than
the branch manager than the executive director than a meeting with the board of directors than to the ministry of children
and youth services These organizations are all under the same roof all have different ways on saying the same thing, but
your not aloud to voice your concern to anyone outside the agency.

When you do voice your opinion they discredit you. They lie on reports about what people actually say. The quotes get
twisted enough to allow the worst impression to be judged by our lawmakers. (If any of the people being quoted on the Societies
paperwork actually testified to what was truly said any judge would see the difference, of course we are never called to speak). Therefore if a worker does not like you, you loose your children or parents and in many cases these Society workers are believed, not through earning this trust but because they are Society workers..

Just last weeks at LoveCry a few of us walked into a meeting with a new mother and a Society worker. The Worker was
threatening her and using gossip to do so. There was no fact at this point, only jealous gossipers angry and wanting to hurt
this girl. (She is no perfect child but is not anywhere near as rotten as the Children's Aid Society has on their paperwork). This girl got
scared an lied and thus gave the Society a reason to take the new borne infant. (the Children's Aid Society worker terrified this girl and scared her into lying. Several of
us witnessed this incident).

If the Children's Aid Society truly believe that what they are doing are the right procedures to ensure the safety of our children why would
they be so concerned to have someone outside the agency investigate parents complaints.

We find this very concerning since they have proven to stand by their workers even if a child dies.

They recently made it a law this February 2006 that it is mandatory to do criminal background checks so what about all the
children before this date just because their not dead does not mean they don't need our help.

It is up to us, the parents to stand up to this system for our children's future and our own if we don't speak up now they
will continue to do what they want even if it's not for the best interest of the children as we witnessed in 2004 when
Jeffrey died in the care of convicted child abusers, ( and there were many other before Jeffery).

The fact that many of the Society workers do not have psychological training or personal experience. (many not even having
their own children). There Children's Aid Society workers are not required to have a degree in child psychology so how can they really know
what's best for the children.

Our children need someone outside the agency to ensure their safety and as parents it is our responsibility to make sure the
needs of our children are met.

Our children also need people in better states of mind to help the entire family heal. Most times when a child is being abused either the parent is just doing what they have learned in life and do not know this is abuse or they are repeating an abuse pattern that goes way back and was never addressed.

We believe that the best place for any child is
with their families but if the family is in trouble, the family needs help. Maybe we will find that the problem lies within the fact that the
family needs help for abuse issues not just the children. The idea here being work to keep the families healthy and standing
not just take children away.

Many of our families would welcome the help from someone who is non-threatening, non-judgmental and more open minded caring with this help.

How much longer are we going to allow the Children's Aid Society's to tell us our children are lying or their making up
things to get our attention, (when they tell us they are or have been abused). Then the best answer they can find is to tell us
that our children need to get away from us or be put on drugs to keep them in line and under control.

Many of the Children' Aid Society Society workers have no true understanding of the child's mind so why are we allowing them to pass there judgments on
to our family units.

We believe without child psychology and experience on raising children the society workers do not have
the proper degree to say whether abuse has happened or not. All they have is a right to there opinion.
We are also aware that some parents will lie to protect their pride and ego's but that does not mean they all do. Why does this always mean that the black paint bush covers us all and that the honest parents have to also suffer?

If you believe that someone outside the agency should have access to investigate complaints speak up now because the longer
we wait the more children go unheard.

Please Sign

the "Child and Family Review Board" petition at website.
Your signature is valuable and makes a real difference.

Please encourage others to sign the petition as well. To do that, just forward the text below to everyone who might be interested:

I really think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes less than a minute of your time.




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