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I have lived with this on my mind for my lifetime

Spent many years shaky and scared

This memory owned me for many years

Now I own it

In a dark room

With eerie feelings

Two young  girl children peacefully

Sleeping in a small bed

The bedroom door opens

A bald headed man walks in

I looked up to see

In the darkness

He’s holding a Huge Knife

I looked at my sister then looked back at him

Pointing that knife right at me

I feel as though I’m in a nightmare

I feel a desperate need to run

But found He blocked the only exit

I began to scream

A rough hand goes over my mouth

The screaming could not be heard

My sister, terrified, jumped out of the bed

Ran to a darkened corner and curled up in fear

He yelled at her to stay where she was

Or he would come after her

And God knows what he would have done to her

She froze in that corner, didn’t make a sound

Slamming the door he again pointed the knife at me

“I will cut your thumb off if you even make a sound”

So Shut up little girl

Not one more sound came from my mouth

The bald man grabbed me, in a painful yank

He dragged me towards him

Then pulled off the nightgown, my mother had made me

The room got gradually darker

In that little room

My mind ran racing,

What felt like, into the wall

So I could hide from the pain

As he forced me to suck on him

He touched and poked at my private parts

Tears streamed down my face

My sister curled up in the dark corner

Crying as she tried not to watch or make a sound

This bald man was raping me

Then it stopped after what seemed like hours

But my tears did not

He got up and threw my nightgown towards me

And yelled “get dressed”

In a deep, mean, gravelly voice he said

“If you tell anyone this had happened

I will kill your mother”

Terrified I knew he would

I could hear my sister still whimpering

In that dark corner of the room

He left and slammed the door behind him

I ran to my sister and we stayed cuddled in that corner

Till daylight broke



For many years now we have seen our families, lives and society fall apart and become more and more controlled by the Powerful forces at the top.

The human Spirit is being crushed by Chemicals and automation.

Our Children are suffering due to our exhaustion and lack of time to spend with them.

Our Constitution is being ignored, slandered and used to better the interest of those who want to control our freedom and pretend that we are free.

Everyone please get up and shout as loud as you can.

Our Children and Families need us all to take a stand and protect our Sovereignty before we loose forever.

Time to make some real changes.

Lets Rock!!!


I was borne in Cabbagetown, at St. Michael's Hospital in 1953 in Toronto and raised in Durham Region.
Angel Femia
93 Broadview Ave.,
Toronto, Ontario,
M4M 2E4
Primary Education:
St. Bernard's Elementary School, Durham Region
St. Teresa's Elementary School, Durham Region
St. John's Elementary School, Durham Region
High Schools:
Anderson C.V.I. Durham Region
City Adult Learning, Toronto
S.E.E.D. Alternative Free School, Toronto
Adult Psychology: International Career School
Child Psychology: International Career School
Paralegal/Legal Assistant: International Career School
College of Metaphysics: Teacher: Dr. Paul Daniels
A Course In Miracles
Holistic Psychotherapy: Teacher: Dian Nicholson
Spiritual Counciling: Teacher: Joan Cross Leach
Holistic Healing: Mentor: Joan Cross Leach
Abuse and Drug Abuse
Counciling: Teacher: Joan Cross Leach
Mysticism: Teacher: Joan Cross Leach
Mysticism: Teacher: Dr. Paul Daniels
Shamanism: Teacher: Joan Cross Leach
Shamanism: Dr. Paul Daniels
Metaphysics: Teacher: Dr. Paul Daniels
Metaphysical Ethics Teacher: Dr. Paul Daniels
Ritual Abuse Training: Teacher: Joan Cross Leach
Cirtificate Of Ordination: The Church Of Spiritual Humanism:
Teacher: Rev. R. J. Zorger


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